2022 Winners

1.  Darren Misener

2.  Adam Modica

3.  (anonymous)

Total Pot: $8,000

Check:        Matt Wurst
                        85 Highland Ave,
                        Port Washington, NY 11050

Paypal:   mdwurst@gmail.com
Venmo:  @mwurst
Apple Pay to: 917-868-7424
to: 917-868-7424

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 The league  password  = "quakers."

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Prizes awarded for 1st, 2nd & 3rd places at 60%-30%-10% of pot. **

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​If you have ANY questions, email:  marchmattness@gmail.com

ENTRY FEE:       $20 per bracket

Our NCAA Tournament Pool has had everyone from NBA Hall-of-Famers, Olympics gold medalists, college stars, coaches, administrators, past colleagues, friends & a Supreme Court justice!