• A catalyst for creative change.
  • An innovative and award-winning social and digital marketing and media executive
  • A pioneering Industry  leader with two decades of experience and success in building and managing teams.
  • An analytical thinker with an industrious approach to problem-solving, strategic ideation, integrated planning and multimedia content development
  • A results-oriented driver of brand awareness, reach, engagement, loyalty, conversion and advocacy with fans, followers, consumers and visitors for established brands, agencies and start-up organizations.​​Type your paragraph here.

Things I Studied

- Degree: B.A.; Major: Political Science 
- Minor concentrations in communications and marketing in the Wharton School 
- 4-year writer/editor for The Daily Pennsylvanian

Mint is a technology platform for brands to mint, manage, market and merchandise NFT experiences for fans, collectors, and consumers on the blockchain. The next frontier for marketing is Web3.  Are you ready?

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Global Client Lead

New York, NY | Marketing & Advertising

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Chief Marketing Officer, Co-Founder

Managing Director, U.S.

New York, NY | Marketing & Advertising

GM, Head of Operations | VP, Digital Marketing

New York, NY | Marketing & Advertising

Jellyfish is a global partner in digital marketing and transformation to some of the world's leading brands. We represent a new integrated digital creative + media model, where agency services converge with consultancy, training, and cutting-edge technologies to deliver the best possible outcomes for clients.

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University of Pennsylvania,  Philadelphia, PA.

Point Symmetry

Revelation was the content and strategic marketing agency I led before the acquisition by, and integration with, the Jellyfish Group.  Revelation was a U.S.-focused partner for brands within the global Webedia network, a media, publishing and technology consortium.